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Bright Kitchen Decor - Nursery Decor For Boys - Nutcracker Outdoor Decorations.

Bright Kitchen Decor

bright kitchen decor

  • A room or area where food is prepared and cooked

  • A kitchen is a room or part of a room used for cooking and food preparation.

  • The Custard Factory is an arts and media production centre in Birmingham, England .

  • Cuisine

  • A set of fixtures, cabinets, and appliances that are sold together and installed in such a room or area

  • a room equipped for preparing meals

  • Luminously

  • brilliantly: with brightness; "the stars shone brilliantly"; "the windows glowed jewel bright"

  • emitting or reflecting light readily or in large amounts; "the sun was bright and hot"; "a bright sunlit room"

  • having striking color; "bright dress"; "brilliant tapestries"; "a bird with vivid plumage"

  • The furnishing and decoration of a room

  • The decoration and scenery of a stage

  • Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment.

  • The style of decoration of a room, building

  • interior decoration: decoration consisting of the layout and furnishings of a livable interior

bright kitchen decor - Willow Tree

Willow Tree Our Gift, New Parents Figurine, Susan Lordi 26181

Willow Tree Our Gift, New Parents Figurine, Susan Lordi 26181

Willow Tree Our Gift, New Parents Figurine by Susan Lordi. 8.5" high. Resin. Gift boxed. Man and woman figurine holding an infant. "Our bright, joyful gift" Since 2000, Susan Lordi has been creating these figurative sculptures that speak in quiet ways of deep emotion and inspiration. Artist Susan Lordi carves each original sculpture, then pieces are cast from her original carving in resin and individually painted by hand. Expression is conveyed by gestures only - a tilt of the head, a turn of the body, or placement of the hands. The simplicity of form and the absence of facial features signify Willow Tree. Emotions are left to the viewer to interpret, which makes them powerful and personal. It is Susan Lordi's hope that these pieces be meaningful to both the giver and the receiver.

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Blue + white kitchen: White cabinets + white marble + blue tiles

Blue + white kitchen: White cabinets + white marble + blue tiles

A space for everything! Love the mix of warm and cool tones, the gray-blue tile, the nickel drawer pulls, and that farmhouse sink, of course.

A mix of shimmery materials keeps things bright in this sea-inspired white kitchen. To make the most of the natural light, the palette is a play of white tones on the ship-lap (wide horizontal) siding, cabinetry, crown molding, ceiling, sink, and the island’s Michelangelo marble. The hardwood floors and mahogany cabinets installed on the periphery add a warm, natural contrast.

Photo by Laura Moss, Better Homes & Gardens, Sept. 2007.

FABRIC BIN- Flowers- Bright Coral Pink- Lime Green- Yellow

FABRIC BIN- Flowers- Bright Coral Pink- Lime Green- Yellow

FABRIC BIN- Flowers- Bright Coral Pink- Lime Green- Yellow- REVERSIBLE- Large

This fabric basket is made from two different colorful prints. The outside print has fabulous colors of flowers in pinks, greens and yellows. Giant lime green "rick rack" runs across the front. The inside is fully lined in a daisy print. The daisies have pink and yellow centers on a sage green background. This bin is reversible, just turn it inside out and you will get a whole new look. Handles are on both sides for easy lifting and carrying.

bright kitchen decor

bright kitchen decor

Bright Lights-Wedding Decor 20 Sets of 100 Clear/White 24' Long Christmas Wedding Lights

This is for 20 sets of 100 lights. These are a quality Light set-and can be used for a Party or Decorations-WEDDINGS and more-you can wrap with TULLE to wrap with and drape around a room. The sets are Long Lights 24' long and you can hook up to 3 sets together They are UL approved Super Brites that stay lite even if one bulb goes out. This is the lights used in wedding or party decoration indoor or outdoor-they are steady burning lights.Comes with extra lights. If one bulb goes out the rest stay lit. End to End cords to connect up to three sets.

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Garden party decoration ideas. Play room decorating ideas.

Garden Party Decoration Ideas

garden party decoration ideas

    garden party
  • A social event held outdoors on a lawn or in a garden

  • A garden party is a social gathering with food provided, in the open in a park or a garden.

  • a party of people assembled for social interaction out of doors

  • Garden Party is Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon Band's hit Country rock album from 1972.

  • something used to beautify

  • The process or art of decorating or adorning something

  • Ornamentation

  • the act of decorating something (in the hope of making it more attractive)

  • A thing that serves as an ornament

  • an award for winning a championship or commemorating some other event

  • A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action

  • (idea) mind: your intention; what you intend to do; "he had in mind to see his old teacher"; "the idea of the game is to capture all the pieces"

  • (idea) a personal view; "he has an idea that we don't like him"

  • A concept or mental impression

  • (idea) the content of cognition; the main thing you are thinking about; "it was not a good idea"; "the thought never entered my mind"

  • An opinion or belief

garden party decoration ideas - Halloween: 101

Halloween: 101 Frightfully Fun Ideas

Halloween: 101 Frightfully Fun Ideas

As more families celebrate Halloween at home, they’ll need these original ideas for parties, crafts, decorating, games, and recipes. Dozens of easy-to-decorate pumpkin ideas, costumes for the whole family, delicious treats to concoct, and decorating ideas to scare them silly in this bright collection of Halloween fun.
60 craft and decorating ideas for families.
30 delicious, fun-to-prepare recipes.
Step-by-step photos and instructions.
A variety of easy techniques, including decoupage, pumpkin carving, pumpkin painting, paper folding, and costume-making (few sewing skills required!).

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May 4th, 2011 Living in the Present

Albeit I took the sprouts photo yesterday, the immediacy of the new growth of the spring garden comes to mind.
I do not need much to make me feel well and involved. Simple pleasures like writing, photography, cooking, shopping and gardening make today a calm one, just like yesterday.
I tend to gloss over the anxieties of modern life with these diversions- for instance our nation voted in the Conservatives again. On the brighter side, the NDP surprisingluy became theofficial opposition, gaining many seats beyond their almost consistent 18% popularity on most of the former polls. WIth now 30.6% popularity, if they show upowith the kind of original thinking and wise social planning that made socialism a hero in our country during the days of Thompson, Broadbent and Rae, people might give our left wing a chance, next time.
In Canada the New Democratic Party is not your local KKK. We are not right wing socialists, and it is hard to imagine how the supremacists of the US got the idea that they practise socialism at all. We certainly do not see things this way. No-one of us needs to express militancy, incitement to effect violent social change that would screen out certain races, or to actually commit ofenses toward people who are moderate and soft hearted.

I see that our democracy lets most Canadians socialize something, we are always thinking of each other if we are well canadians. It is really thoughtfulness and creative enterprise that defines the leaning to the left or to alternative lifestyle of not just Canadian socialists, but really the way of our Canadian people.
A great way to look at it is stuff in Glencairn. Every year we have several free days, and we all put something on the side of the road for each other to pick. Don't care if dealers take it, if they make money hauling it off, good. I have benefitted form free days. I have a lovely crystal lamp and five dollars that I made selling a middle eastern lantern that someone gave up.If we recycle, instead of thinking of our cast offs as shit, we benefit others and also reduce our costs in disposal, because cartage and also dumpsite fees are very costly. There- socialism in Canada.
We also enjoy enormous sites called UsedOttawa.com, UsedToronto, or wherever or Kijiji wher ewe can post ads for free. Everyone gets a good deal. Not only can I earn a few more hundred dollars a year toward newer stoves, carpets, pots or whatIneed, but I can give away plants, dressers, things like windows and stuff thatw willnotcomeoff our porch, garage or backyard. I do not wan tot live in a dump and neither does my husband.
Our community spirit is to communally clean and to beautify. I beleive that this ethic is shared by most whether they are right or left wing- we like a clean and courteous environ, and this results inhigher standards in industreis that need hyper cleanliness for the products to pass inspection, or gain a good reputation.
If we recycle, waster less and keep clean with attention to beautification, we see that business flourishes and that our industries gain a goodreputation. This sustains our miserable job situation. There, a basic shared environ where originally only leftist thinkers who were considered fringe lunatics (in their jeans) had been making bleating noises about waste and recycling, and home decoration.
Now that home decoration is a giant industry, you better, buddy, or else (the right wing).

Anyway, today- here is some hope that a gentling Harper will cuddle and cherish the sweet little socialists who solved so many of those financial crisises before the more pedantic thinking had adopted the wisdom and resolved those problems.
It was only yesterday that big, puffin beefy tyrants tried to beat up and incarcerate we hippies for resonating with the labour class of less wealthy nations, wearing jeans as a symbol of laboutr orientation. And now, those gidgy tyrants are all tottering away in nursing homes in their polyester best, while women, blacks, jews in some cases and immigrants of all kind can get jobs, wear what they like most of the time, get ahead in our country. To think that they were so unclea rthat they were opposed to the work ethic that is now the fanatic darling of the right wing. (You would think they invented work, fer Gawds sake)!!!

above: Lilies sprouting on the porch

Welcome Gnome

Welcome Gnome

2010....My focus word for the year was "Risk". The opportunity to test this was presented on January 1 2010 when a friend needed me during a tragic time. As weeks turned into months and as I began to realize just how fragile she was, I made a choice. I risked losing friends, I hardly saw the swans, did not even make time to visit, or keep in touch with most people. I stayed by my friends side, we planted a garden, took walks together, talked, and even laughed. We plotted and planned our re-emergence into the art world, started an exercise program and she appeared to bloom. What I gave her was so very little, and I hope it was enough, I hope I made a difference, because what I got back from this experience was unexpected. I was filled with the love and joy of a true friendship, and now I must do what friends do, I must honour her desire to die.

My friend is very very sick, physically and heartsick, she has seen one too many Christmases and way too many New Years Eve parties, she is tired and the lifegiving ability to breath is leaving her, she has advanced emphysema, and although I have tried to get her to quit smoking, I now must stand aside and let her live out her life on her own terms. I shall remain by her side for as long as she needs me.

I hope you all find your special doorway this year. Thank you all for your visits and friendship, you have no idea how important you have been to me, you have brought tears and smiles, some have passed on, others have just begun, and thus ends a perfectly normal year.

Hello 2011, I think I am going to like getting to know you.

garden party decoration ideas

garden party decoration ideas

Garden Party


Intermingling lives in modern Los Angeles: a musician-drifter (Erik Smith) without a place to crash, a runaway teen (Willa Holland) making bank by posing for Internet cheesecake, a gay Nebraskan (Alexander Cendese) trying to make friends, a real-estate agent (Vinessa Shaw) with a pot-pushing habit... these and others are the satellites circling the general sense of decadence in Jason Freeland's low-key comedy-drama. The film carries a vague echo of Alan Rudolph's Welcome to L.A. in its jaundiced view of the city of angels, but on a much less sophisticated level; the storytelling could use a blood transfusion, and the young characters are stamped from a cookie-cutter. Individual actors try their best, and the always-underused Shaw gets some nice moments going with Richard Gunn, a client with kink. The standout, in a much smaller role, is Ross Patterson, doing an obnoxious talent scout routine (your movie's in trouble, however, when an irritating supporting player is much more fun than the main characters). The final misstep is the title, borrowed from the great Ricky Nelson song about phonies on the loose--a bit of overstatement the film didn't need. --Robert Horton

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Lodge decor catalogs : American indian design and decoration : Kitchen art decor.

Lodge Decor Catalogs

lodge decor catalogs

  • (catalog) a book or pamphlet containing an enumeration of things; "he found it in the Sears catalog"

  • Make a systematic list of (items of the same type)

  • List (similar situations, qualities, or events) in succession

  • (catalog) a complete list of things; usually arranged systematically; "it does not pretend to be a catalog of his achievements"

  • Enter (an item) in such a list

  • (catalog) catalogue: make a catalogue, compile a catalogue; "She spends her weekends cataloguing"

  • Present (a complaint, appeal, claim, etc.) formally to the proper authorities

  • English physicist who studied electromagnetic radiation and was a pioneer of radiotelegraphy (1851-1940)

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  • Make or become firmly fixed or embedded in a particular place

  • club: a formal association of people with similar interests; "he joined a golf club"; "they formed a small lunch society"; "men from the fraternal order will staff the soup kitchen today"

  • be a lodger; stay temporarily; "Where are you lodging in Paris?"

  • The decoration and scenery of a stage

  • The style of decoration of a room, building

  • The furnishing and decoration of a room

  • interior decoration: decoration consisting of the layout and furnishings of a livable interior

  • Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment.

lodge decor catalogs - Lodge Max

Lodge Max Temp Handle Mitt, Black

Lodge Max Temp Handle Mitt, Black

"MaxTemp" Hot Handle Mitt is made of heavy-duty Pyrotex, which resists scorching and burning to 450 degrees. Ideal as an all purpose handle mitt where safety is important. Also suitable for using outdoors when cooking on the BBQ. The Max Temp features heavy cotton batting and a steam barrier for ultimate heat protection. The thick terry lining protects from heat without sticking to the handle. It comes single-packed, not a pair.

Protect your hands from hot pot handles with this slip-on handle mitt. From Lodge, maker of rugged cast-iron cookware, the mitt features heavy-duty Pyrotex fabric on the exterior, along with a scorch-proof coating. Inside, a thick terry lining feels comfortable against the skin, and thick cotton batting between the two layers adds further heat and steam protection. Heat-resistant up to 450 degrees F, the Max Temp mitt fits over stainless or cast-iron handles, indoors or at the barbecue, and comes in basic black to match any decor. --Ann Bieri

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Earth lodge smoke hole.

Earth lodge smoke hole.

This is the smoke hole- and the main door- into the earth lodge.
The lodge is set up on a thick center post. It has notches cut into it that serve as steps to climb down to the floor, which is seven or eight feet below.
The highlighted wooden bar is the hand-hold that is used while your foot finds the notches in the center post. See next page.
There is another way in, but this one is preferred, even though the small fire is seven or eight feet below.
The fire has to be small, because- even in the winter- it would be too hot in there otherwise. This is because there are four inches of earth, above you, as insulation.
In the summer- on the hottest day- it is cool inside. Maybe a need for a fire, nights.

Juniper Lodge

Juniper Lodge

Juniper Lodge is a little wooden playhouse that John and I used when we were little. Behind it lies my vegetable patch. Usually I take the photos with the pov2 tag standing at the back corner. Except now one of the pumpkins has thumbed its nose at the boundary line and is galloping onward into the garden. There are currently two female flower buds on this particular vine. So in time we might be tripping over two pumpkins on the lawn. Assuming the plant hasn't already eaten us alive.

lodge decor catalogs

lodge decor catalogs

Lodge Logic L8DOL3 Pre-Seasoned 5-Quart Dutch Oven with Loop Handles

New style 5 qt dutch oven with loop handles. The original slow cooker, this seasoned-ready to use dutch oven with iron cover cooks meats to perfection.

The American-based company Lodge has been fine-tuning its construction of rugged, cast-iron cookware for more than a century. No other metal is as long-lasting and works as well for spreading and retaining heat evenly during cooking. Lodge's Logic line of cookware comes factory pre-seasoned with the company's vegetable oil formula, and is ready to use right out of the box.
At 10-1/4 inches in diameter and 4 inches deep, this 5-quart Dutch oven holds a heap of chili, chicken and rice, or fruit cobbler. This model is not the campfire style, with legs, wire handle, and a lid for coals. This one is flat-bottomed to sit on a stovetop burner or in the oven, with a domed lid that sends moisture back into the pot. Loop handles aid in carrying with oven mitts. While the Dutch oven comes pre-seasoned to prevent food from sticking, it works best when sprayed or lightly coated with vegetable oil before use. After the meal is done, simply scrub the cast iron with a stiff brush and hot water, no soap, and dry immediately. Lodge covers the sturdy oven with a lifetime limited warranty against defects, and when cared for properly, this virtually indestructible pan should last for generations. --Ann Bieri

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