Romantic Room Decoration

romantic room decoration

  • Ornamentation

  • the act of decorating something (in the hope of making it more attractive)

  • The process or art of decorating or adorning something

  • A thing that serves as an ornament

  • something used to beautify

  • an award for winning a championship or commemorating some other event

  • Inclined toward or suggestive of the feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love

  • a soulful or amorous idealist

  • belonging to or characteristic of Romanticism or the Romantic Movement in the arts; "romantic poetry"

  • amatory: expressive of or exciting sexual love or romance; "her amatory affairs"; "amorous glances"; "a romantic adventure"; "a romantic moonlight ride"

  • Relating to love, esp. in a sentimental or idealized way

  • Of, characterized by, or suggestive of an idealized view of reality

  • board: live and take one's meals at or in; "she rooms in an old boarding house"

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romantic room decoration - Victoria Romantic

Victoria Romantic Touches: Charming Handmade Projects for Every Room (Victoria Magazine)

Victoria Romantic Touches: Charming Handmade Projects for Every Room (Victoria Magazine)

Turn an ordinary house into a delightful home with little handmade touches in the inimitable Victoria style.

Charming cushions, curtains and scented sachets; cream-edged organdy tablecloths and white-ribbon-tied pillowcases: Victoria knows lovely things such as these make a house a home. Give every room that special touch with 25 beautiful and easy-to-make projects from the experts who know romance. Each item is featured in an exquisite full-color photograph, accompanied by simple instructions that will inspire even the most nervous crafter. Consider reviving a well-loved chair with an elegant slipcover, perhaps in organdy. Personalize pretty napkins for a special holiday table setting. Use basic stitchery to whip up a fabric headboard, gathered lampshade, or linen cutlery holder. Whichever you choose, the techniques section will teach the skills you need, and templates will guide you. A Main Selection of the Homestyle Book Club.

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Woman In Museum

Woman In Museum

Closeup view of one beautiful young woman in a hall of royal palace, that now is
a museum.

CClub 080916 013

CClub 080916 013

Editorial shoot on reception decor for Wisconsin Bride Magazine/Tiger Oaks Publications

romantic room decoration

romantic room decoration

The Comforts of Home: Creating Relaxed Rooms With A Romantic Feel

The Comforts of Home offers the inspiration you need to stamp your own style on your surroundings, to showcase your personal taste and so create a relaxed, welcoming environment in every room of your home--and even in your garden!
Taking you through the home room by room and out onto patios and terraces, Atlanta Bartlett shows--in five unique chapters--how to introduce a comfortable look. "Relaxed Simplicity" explains how to soften and update a stark, cool interior by adding bright splashes of color, interesting textural effects and clean, curving lines. Pretty floral fabrics make a subtle comeback in the "Relaxed Romantic" chapter. Used sparingly and combined with pale, uncluttered interiors, these fabrics add a fresh new feel to any room. Those who crave the unashamedly sensuous-embroidered silks and satins or crisp cotton sheets--will love "Relaxed Sensuality," while glamour aficionados who long to surround themselves with elegance will revel in the fin-de-siecle carved wooden mirrors and crystal in "Relaxed Elegance." And if you can't stop collecting-junk shop finds, holiday mementos, beautiful antique clothing--"Relaxed Eclectic" will show you how your treasures can become the inspiration for a truly chic interior.
Full of achievable, affordable decorating ideas, The Comforts of Home provides ideas for an enjoyable retreat no matter what your style preferences--a haven that is a restorative for all the senses.

We all want true relaxation when we come home--a place to put our feet up, close our eyes, and ignore the world outside. Too often, the "stuff" of day-to-day living interferes with that relaxation, but Atlanta Bartlett is determined to help us all create a personal space where comfort and peace are the focal points. In The Comforts of Home, the gorgeous photos, specific suggestions, and unique styles work together to get you started creating a special haven. Five different decorating styles are highlighted. Whether your taste runs to elegant or eclectic, you're sure to find one that resonates. Bartlett encourages the use of color on walls and ceilings as a focal point--when walls are a delicate blue or pale pink, additional art becomes unnecessary. Unusual uses for items are also encouraged: a bright sari drapes a bedroom window to beautiful effect, while plain and chunky glass tumblers work nicely as vases. Collections of beloved items are shown off to advantage in settings such as wide staircases, kitchen walls, and fireplace mantles. Neutral colors are enhanced with a variety of textures like velvet, leather, satin, rough concrete, and sheepskin to present a living room that combines luxury and simplicity. For every room in the house, Bartlett shows that "less is more" when the "less" has special qualities and sentimental value. With a cozy blanket, family photos, and your favorite chair arranged in front of a sunny window, you may find it difficult to do anything but relax! --Jill Lightner

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